Hi Dr. Rogers!!
I just needed to take the time to comment on your outstanding team of doctors, vet techs, and staff!!

As you know my kitty gang has a long standing history with your team, mainly at the beach location (which we all love). Last Saturday early morning, Jazz started exhibiting symptoms of an UTI. I contacted the Cat Clinic and Kristen got me an immediate appointment at the Mandarin office.

Although it was truly jamming with patients, your team was exceptional. It was so comforting to be greeted warmly & effeciently by Kristen (Jazz & I didn’t feel so alone in a different location). Then Dorothy (who I swear is the cat whisper) took care of Jazz before Dr. Parks examined him. I told Dorothy that Jazz is a mean nasty kitty at the vets and I don’t know how she did it but darn it he behaved himself. She stroked him and spoke so softly that his growls and hissing were almost a whisper. Instead of being a creature from beyond, he acted like a grumpy old kitty. WOW!! I asked her to come to the beach location!!! And Dr. Parks was a joy to work with. Jazz was fairly calm during the exam and the journey home!

In the past, I have also worked with Dr. Porter who I love & respect. I honestly do not have preference because all the vets are fantastic!!

And last but not least, Tatiana is truly amazing!!! What a wonderful staff!!

Thank you Dr. Porter, Dr. Parks, Dr. Rogers, Kristen, Tatiana and Dorothy for being so remarkable!!!!

Dr. Rodgers,

Just a note to let you know that I received the insurance reimbursements on the claims that we filed back in February on Yowly Kitty and Percival. Yowly was reimbursed 66.6% of the amount submitted and Percival was reimbursed 72% of the amount submitted.

I do not feel that I would have received this much reimbursement had it not been for your assistance in providing a detailed diagnosis of the illnesses on the claim forms. Thank you so much for going that extra step.

Percy’s policy has now paid for itself more than twice over this year because he is a younger cat. Yowly’s policy has now paid about one half of it cost for the year, but he will have more claims before the end of this year because of age related illness. I hope that this last bit of information will be of some use if other patients seek advise on insuring their pets.