Who are these “Cat-Crazed Veterinarians”?

Dr. Allison Rogers started A Cat Clinic 20 years ago and finds herself more in awe of kitties than ever! She is dedicated to providing a facility and staff of excellence so that we can truly offer incredible care for these incredible cats. She is also a Scuba Diver, the mother of 3 young boys, Volunteers as a Guardian ad Litem, and is married to Tim who sets up Greenhouses and Gardens throughout Jacksonville’s schools and homes.

Dr. Erika McDivitt has been Feline Specific for half of her 10 Veterinary years. Our kitties find her to be both warm and a huge asset for care that fit their individual needs. She is married to a Naval Officer, has a love for Gardening, travel, and is a self-designated “Foodie”!

Dr. Ann Porter has been with A Cat Clinic for 6 of her 25 Veterinary years…and first worked at one of the very first Feline Clinics (Chicago), then was a Veterinarian in Greece for the next decade! She loves her own extensive kitty family, the wonderful city of St. Augustine, is a Birding Enthusiast, and enjoys all types of books!